Dive Junkie

Who are We?

Dive Junkie is a specialty retailer of scuba diving casual wear. Founded in 2003, Dive Junkie has established itself as a distinctive scuba diving brand which represents a free-spirited lifestyle with a diving heritage.

Our design concepts are conceived during fun times in and out of the waters. We take pride in bringing to you designs which scuba divers can relate to – designs that depict a story, an experience or an encounter – and we seek to evoke smiles, provoke thoughts and connect minds through our dive clothing.

Dive Junkie products are developed in Singapore and produced in different parts of Asia. To achieve comfort, durability and a good fit, our dive apparel are carefully customised to meet the standards that we demand. Inspection and testing are also rigorously carried out to ensure that strict requirements are met. What you get is a superior line of dive wear that puts us on par with top quality clothing from established global brands.

Great to wear and with a distinct diving identity, Dive Junkie’s progressive line of scuba diving apparel has clothed many adventurous, nature-loving and trendy divers all over the world.




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